Mission Statement
Currently only a very few academic institutions for law and development exist around the world. The LDI is an international network and center for law and development studies. Academics, students, government agencies and non-governmental organizations, as well as all other professionals and organizations interested in the area of law and development, can participate in the activities of the LDI and benefit from them.
Functions of LDI
The LDI promotes world-class research in law and development studies, develops courses in law and development, undertakes law and development projects, and promotes various law and development activities including hosting academic conferences and facilitating international collaboration in the study of law and development.
The functions of the LDI include:
- Promotion of world-class research in law and development studies in collaboration with universities and
  research institutions
- Development of academic courses and seminars in law and development
- Management of the Law and Development Review
- Development and implementation of law and development projects
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