As the director of the Law and Development Institute (LDI), it is my great pleasure to introduce our organization, its structure, functions and objectives.
The LDI is a non-profit, international academic network with an objective of promoting law and development studies and projects.

Law and development studies explore the impact of international and domestic legal orders on economic development and social progress. Economic development is particularly important for developing countries where the majority of population suffer from poverty. It is also relevant to address economic issues in developed countries, such as widening income gaps and unemployment. The LDI seeks to help find solutions to poverty issues in the developing world and the economic problems in developed countries. We aim to achieve this by clarifying the impact that law, legal frameworks, and institutions have on development and by building an analytical law and development model for development.

Currently a number of preeminent scholars and professionals from several countries, including United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Korea, Singapore, and Israel, are participating in the LDI, and we also have affiliations with leading academic institutions around the world. I invite you to get involved in our events and activities. We are an open forum: inquiry for possible academic collaboration from qualified academics and professionals is always welcome, interest from students and other young people is always encouraged, and support from caring individuals and corporations is always appreciated. You will find further information about the LDI from this website. Please also feel free to contact us ( if you have any questions.
Kind Regards,
Y.S. Lee, Ph.D. (Catnab.)
Founding Director and Professorial Fellow, The Law and Development Institute
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