LDI Director, Professor Y.S. Lee, is honored with the grant of a honorary chair professorship, An Chen Chair Professor of International Law, Xiamen University, China.

Professor Lee is an internationally recognized scholar in the areas of international trade law and law and development. Author of Reclaiming Development in the World Trading System (Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed. 2016), Safeguard Measures in World Trade: The Legal Analysis (Edward Elgar, 3rd ed. 2014), and Microtrade: A New System of International Trade with Volunteerism Towards Poverty Elimination (co-authored, Routledge, 2013), Professor Lee has published over seventy articles, book volumes, chapters, and shorter notes with leading publishers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Professor Lee delivers special lectures from May 31 to June 3, 2017, at Xiamen University, which is organized by An Chen International Development Foundation of Xiamen University. The detailed program is available online at www.lawanddevelopment.net/Poster.jpg.
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