Prof. David Kennedy, Harvard Law School
Prof. Susan Rose-Ackerman, Yale Law School
Prof. Mitsuo Matsushita, University of Tokyo Faculty of Law (Emeritus) and former Member of the WTO Appellate Body
Prof. Y.S. Lee, The Law and Development Institute (Director's full c.v.)
Prof. Colin Crawford, Tulane University School of Law
Prof. Frank Stephen, University of Manchester School of Law
Prof. Mariana Prado, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Prof. Gary Horlick, former Head of U.S. Department of Commerce Import Administration
Prof. Raj Bhala, University of Kansas School of Law
Prof. Moshe Hirsch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law
Prof. David Gantz, University of Arizona School of Law
Prof. Maureen Irish, University of Windsor School of Law
Prof. Junji Nakagawa, University of Tokyo Institute of Social Science
Prof. Klaus Ziegert, University of Sydney Law School
Prof. Salim Farrar, University of Sydney Faculty of Law
Prof. Andrew Mitchell, University of Melbourne School of Law
Prof. Won-Mog Choi, Ewha Womans University School of Law
Prof. Jiangyu Wang, National University of Singapore
Prof. Tomer Broude, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Colin Picker, University of New South Wales Faculty of Law
Dr. H.S. Mun, The Law and Development Institute
Prof. Daein Kim, Ewha Womans University School of Law
Prof. Jaemin Lee, Seoul National University School of Law
Associate Members and Contributors
Mr. Michael McKenzie, Principal Legal Officer, AusAID
Mr. Kenneth Hong, Yukio Hayashi & Associates
Mr. Steve Choi, Partner, UG Accountants
Mr. Kwangkug Kim, The Law and Development Institute
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Mr. Ken Nam, Freehills
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