Law and Development Conferences
The Law and Development Institute and the Centre for Comparative Law in Africa (CCLA), the University of Cape Town, co-hosted the eighth annual conference in law and development. Thirty-six leading scholars and experts from Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe presented papers over two days on essential law and development topics relevant to Africa, such as legal pluralism and effective governance for development in Africa; law and industrial promotion in Africa; law and natural resources development in Africa; intellectual property rights and development; law, poverty alleviation, and sustainable development; and human rights and conservation.
The Law and Development Institute, University Austral, and the Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, Inter-America Development Bank (IDB-INTAL) co-hosted the seventh annual conference in law and development. The Conference featured high-level academic presentations on key topics in law and development, such as developmental state, development and international trade, development and environment, development and corruption, and the rule of law. Twenty-five leading scholars and experts from South and North Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe presented papers over two days. Representatives from the IDB and the World Bank also discussed key development projects relevant to the conference topics.
The Law and Development Institute and Payson Center for International Development, Tulane University co-hosted the LDI's sixth annual conference in New Orleans, USA. Twenty-one distinguished speakers from North and South Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia,presented papers on the current status of law and development studies, the necessity for new directions, including new analytical frameworks and institutional approaches, and the renewed interest in “developmental states”. Issues of child labor, controversies of property rights, and the need for global financial stability were also discussed.
The Law and Development Institute hosted its fifth annual conference in Manchester, U.K. Several senior and rising scholars from Americas, Europe, and Asia gave presentations on current issues on law, institution, and development as well as rising issues on the legal origins theory, international fiscal law and development, and law and civil stability.
The Law and Development Institute and Kyoto University Graduate School of Environmental Studies co-hosted the LDI’s fourth annual law and development conference in Kyoto, Japan. Twenty leading and rising scholars from a number of developed and developing countries, including United States, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Italy, Ethiopia, Uganda, Poland, Cambodia, and India, made presentations on the law and development issues arising from international land acquisitions.
The Law and Development Institute, in conjunction with Ewha Womans University School of Law, hosted its third annual conference in Seoul, Korea. Presentations were made on the issues of developmental state, law and economic development in Korea, development of legislative theory and practice in Korea and Taiwan, development issues in WTO negotiations, development of laws to support regional economy and consumer interests.
The Law and Development Institute, in conjunction with Seattle University School of Law, held its second annual conference in Seattle, USA. Seventeen leading speakers from seven countries, including U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, and India, presented key issues on international trade, investment and finance, and least-developed countries from the perspective of law and development.
The Law and Development Institute hosted the Inaugural Conference in Sydney. The Conference featured high profile presentations by twelve leading scholars and professionals from several countries, including United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Israel. Over one hundred scholars, lawyers, diplomats, government officials, and business leaders attended the conference, and the Chief Justice of New South Wales gave a conglatulatory speech at the conference.
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