Development of a long-waited theory that defines the disciplinary parameters of law and development and explains the mechanisms by which law impacts development.
Peer-reviewed academic journal on law and development issues published by DeGruyter
Short-term training program in law and development leading to the Diploma or the Certificate in Law and Development
Low-cost law reform consulting service and WTO representation/consultation for developing countries
International academic research project to develop a comprehensive theoretical framework for law and development studies.
Graduate law school program in law and development (created in collaboration with Emory University School of Law)
International academic book project (Routledge, May 2013).
Ten leading and rising scholars from several countries offer discussions on the essential elements of microtrade, a new system of international trade on a small scale, based primarily on manually produced products using small amounts of capital and low levels of technology available at a local level in lesser developed countries.
International academic book project (Cambridge University Press, August 2011).
Eighteen leading scholars and professionals from nine countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa and Israel, offered key discussions on the law and development aspects of international trade law.
Legislative Recommendaton for Special Economic Zones (2010 - 2011)
In conjunction with a leading international law firm, the Law and Development Institute provided legislative support for the establishment of special economic zones (SEZs) in a developing country. (The identities of the firm and the country are not disclosed for confidentiality requirement.)
Report on the Cultural Industries in Australia: Current Status, Policy, and Legal Framework (2009)
Government research project commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea in preparation for the Korea - Australia FTA
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